Inter Milan is showing a strong return this season and is the counterbalance of Juventus in the championship race in Serie A. Recently, with the victory over SPAL, Inter Milan has officially occupy the top of Juventus with 1 point more. Certainly this is a very strong dose of doping to help Inter Milan players sublimate even more. On this momentum, Inter Milan will be determined to win points and maintain its leading position. Defeating SPAL, Inter Milan also had the fifth victory in the last 6 appearances in all competitions. Their only loss was against Dortmund in the European arena.

It can be seen that Inter Milan has a very impressive performance. At home, Inter is especially sublimated when they win 4, draw 1 and lose only 1 of the last 6 times to welcome guests. In particular, their attack is showing their strength. The duo Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez are playing extremely well and always supporting each other to score for the Milan half. Up to now, after 14 rounds, the Inter striker has scored a total of 18 goals in Serie A. In the middle of a high flight, Inter will welcome AS Roma at home and this is considered a challenge. easy for them.

After a sudden defeat to Parma with the score of 0-2, AS Roma quickly regained its form with 3 consecutive victories in all competitions, and scored up to 9 goals and only conceded only once. 2 of those 3 victories of Roma are in Serie A. In the current 14 rounds, the Wolves have got 8 victories, 4 draws and only lost 2 matches, thus ranked 5th in the rankings with 28 points, only inferior to Cagliari in the difference of goal difference, and only 2 points behind Lazio's top 3.

In the past, the confrontation achievements of Inter Milan and AS Roma were quite balanced. In the last 10 meetings, each team has had 3 victories, the remaining 4 draws. At this point, both Inter and Roma are doing well with high flight performance. However, objectively, Inter Milan is still a bit better. Inter's rising form in this year's football season is particularly impressive for the fans. And they also showed their determination and ambition to win when they surpassed Juventus on the table. Not to mention that in this match, Inter will have the advantage on the pitch. It is these things that make Inter Milan highly appreciated in the match against AS Roma. So with a 0.5 left football raft , it is possible to put faith in the landlord.

In addition, the attacks of both teams are in the top of the tournament. If Inter Milan scored 6 goals in the past 3 rounds, Roma would have even scored 9 goals. The smooth gameplay and the two strikers with impressive finishing ability are helping Inter completely dominate the remaining opponents in the tournament. However, Roma are not mediocre opponents and Inter are unlikely to score too many goals in the net of this guest. Two teams with strong balance ability are more likely to create a tight game and have fewer goals scored, so choosing a faint door in this rafters is a more viable option.