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Serie A: Juventus 15/12

The 3-1 defeat at Lazio in the last round ended Juventus' unbeaten run at the Serie A playground this season, and the defending champion also lost the top spot to Inter Milan. The situation is not so tragic but the last two consecutive losing matches are a warning to the coach and coach of Sarri on the upcoming conquest. Therefore, just having to play an unstoppable Udinese this season will be an opportunity for "old woman" to find the winning circuit.

The humiliating defeat to Lazio has left Juventus behind in 2nd place with a 2-point gap from Inter Milan. To reclaim the first position which belonged to the "Old Lady" before, the teachers and coaches of Sarri have no choice but to shoot down Udinese in this match with home advantage in hand. In the latest match, Juventus has just won a gentle 2-0 victory over Leverkusen in Germany to confirm its dominance in the D-Champions League. Thus, after a total of 15 battles fought across the fronts, "Old Lady" brought a total of 12 victories and only suffered a single loss above. At their mecca, Juventus also makes European rivals in general and Serie A in particular be scared when they win the overwhelming 9/10 recent matches. Therefore, The upcoming match against Udinese players will be a good opportunity for Juventus to regain what was lost in the previous round. Because in terms of class and performance, Juventus is better than its opponent in this match in all aspects. Prove that "Old Lady" was unbeaten in the last 5 times against Udinese and there are 4 times the triumphal song in it.

In the latest round, Udinese had to work very hard to hold Napoli successfully with a 1-1 score in their holy place. Accordingly, in the last 10 matches, Udinese have only got 3 wins. In the away field, 4/5 the past trips of teachers and coach Gotti have returned. Facing Italy's "Old Lady" with such a frail face, Udinese should be prepared to receive a crushing defeat on Turin in this match. Because in both the last two seasons, Juventus sowed Udinese every time the two teams encountered the Serie A. Front, specifically, in all the last 4 confrontations, Mrs. Dam won at least 2 points. final table. Obviously with these developments, it is too difficult for Udinese to hope to win points in this operation.