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Serie A: Juventus 7/12

Lazio this season is more sublime than they were last season. After 14 rounds, they won 30 points and rose to 3rd place in the table, 6 points behind Juventus. The last 6 times played in the domestic league, the teachers and coach Simone Inzaghi achieved all wins. And if they go further, they even have an unbeaten sequence of up to 9 matches. In the latest match, they just won a 3-goal gap against Udinese on their own home ground. Obviously, Lazio is proving to the remaining opponents in the Italian league that they are not a name to bully. With nasty football, Lazio is challenging even the strongest teams in the tournament.

In the next round, Lazio will have Juventus at home. Juventus is really going through the toughest season after years of Serie A dominance, the striped shirt team has just dropped the top of the table to Inter Milan after Sassuolo drew 2-2 at home. Therefore, this draw is no different from a defeat for the Old Lady, and also ends their series of 5 wins. So after 14 rounds, Ronaldo and his teammates are getting 36 points in all and ranked 2nd in the Serie A. Ranking now, they are desperately in need of a victory to have the opportunity to regain the number position. 1 of his. 

Although they have not lost any match in all competitions this season, but the performance of Juventus recently has made fans not really assured. Juventus' defense this season is adding young defender De Ligt to gradually replace the old generals Chiellini. Although the start of the season is still quite strange, but he is gradually showing progress. But the old lady's defense still has not been able to really match, while the attack is lacking in sharpness and often scores thanks to individual balls rather than combined phases. While Juventus desperately needs a victory, this is the time when the power of the stars in the squad speaks to help the Italian champion overcome this arduous gate.

Lazio are in excellent form, especially at home they have also won the last 3 matches to welcome guests, even scoring up to 8 goals and keeping clean sheets 2/3 of this match. Even so, Juventus is still a highly appreciated team. Despite having an advantage at home, it is not easy for Lazio to get 3 points against these nasty guests. Statistics show that Juventus only lost 1 in 29 matches against Lazio in Serie A, the rest they won 22 games and drew only 6 matches. The last time the two teams competed against each other was the second leg of Serie A which took place at the Stadio Olimpico yard last season, Lazio played quite well but could not overcome the Juventus defense to win, they finally let Juventus beat 2-1 after 90 minutes of intense competition.