Celtic in the Scottish league this season still show their unique position, and it must be fair to say that the Celtic Park team is still stronger than their opponent in this round 21. Rangers. Moreover, this is the match that coach Neil Lennon's army has a home advantage.

Therefore, the opportunity to get 3 points of the home team after this game is over is also a lot. The ratio of Asia in the first half is 0: 0 with the home team's eating point reduced to 1.61 as it is now is also a very good signal for Celtic in the first 45 minutes.

Rangers, meanwhile, has shown commendable results lately, but not enough to make their fans feel secure. Being unbeaten in the last 4/5 matches is obviously a good sign for a team that is considered as ambitious as the home team Ibrox but wants to achieve high results this season, they need to do well. more than that.

Meeting Celtic in the away team in this round of 21, this will be an extremely difficult 90 minutes for coach Steven Gerrard's army, because it is clear that the home team is still the more appreciated. as well as owning a high performance at the present time.