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SPFL: HMFC vs Celtic

Celtic is outperforming Hearts, because Celtic is currently leading the Scottish League league table with 43 points. Celtic is the top team in the tournament, the level of this team is better than the rest, every Celtic season is rated as the No. 1 for the championship. So, in the next match, although away from home, a victory will be difficult to escape from the reach of Celtic.

After 16 matches, Celtic won 14 victories and lost only 1 match. The level of Celtic compared to Hearts is not to be discussed, just playing in the right style, the task of getting 3 points in this match of the teachers and coaches of MacPhee is not difficult. Remember that Celtic's opponent, Glasgow Rangers, is pursuing very fiercely, so Celtic is not allowed to stumble in the next match.

On the opposite side, after 17 matches, Hearts is ranked 11/12 on the chart with only 12 points. Hearts has only won 2 victories since the beginning of the season. The main reason leading to the bad performance of this team is that the defense is too lax. Must face Celtic very strong in the next match, not many fans dare to put their faith in the home team Hearts.  

In the last 5 encounters with Hearts, Celtic have won. Clearly, Celtic is outperforming Hearts. It can be seen that the chance for Hearts to win even just 1 point against Celtic in the next match is almost no. Celtic is the leading team in Scotland.

Celtic are the team with the strongest attack in the tournament, the last 5 times they encountered Hearts, Celtic have scored at least 2 goals / game. Despite being away from home, but with a superior level, Celtic can completely score many goals in the net of Hearts in the coming match.