Spurs vs BUR

Last  season, Tottenham rose to become one of the leading forces of the Premier League when finishing in 4th place, moreover they also had the first time to join them. Champions League final and later became the runner-up of the most prestigious tournament in Europe. It was a hugely successful season for Roosters. But this season, everything quickly reversed when the team quickly fell into such a crisis that longtime coach Mauricio Pochettino had to leave his chair at Tottenham. 

Taking over Tottenham as manager Mourinho, he brought quite an impressive makeover to the Cock with consecutive victories since sitting on the hot seat. With the attacking play, Tottenham is showing a very different face. However, with the defeat of Man Utd 1-2 in the last round, Mourinho's honeymoon with Tottenham quickly ended at the hands of his former team. Before receiving this defeat, Mourinho's teachers had 3 consecutive victories including 2 matches in the Premier League and 1 match in the Champions League. So with 20 points gained after 15 rounds, Tottenham is ranked 8th on the scoreboard, 9 points behind Chelsea's top 4. It will be a long way for Tottenham to fill this gap and be able to return to being the same as last season.

On the other side, Burnley also had a good time, but with insufficient depth, Sean Dyche was unable to maintain the stability of the team. Currently, they are ranked 11th with 18 points, less than the top 6 only 3 points. Obviously this is not a bad place for a team that is not as over-professional as Burnley. In terms of form, Burnley lost 2 matches at the hands of Crystal Palace and Man City, and conceded at least 2 goals per game.

Carrying such poor luggage, Burnley did not have much hope to earn points during the trip to the stadium on Tottenham. Remember, in the last 7 times played at home to host Burnley, Tottenham only once to draw the opponent, the rest are 6 victories. Already superior to the opponent in terms of force and class, with an additional home advantage, Tottenham predicts to regain the taste of victory in the 90 minutes against Burnley tonight. Moreover, it is a quite isolated victory because Tottenham's determination is very big after being suddenly defeated by MU. Therefore, putting faith in the host in this match is completely wise.

Since Mourinho came to power at Tottenham, their matches have become much more attractive and all have at least 5 goals scored. Coach Mourinho brought a fascinating offensive play to Tottenham. However, the defense still has many problems that make them still concede. Meanwhile, Burnley also owns uncertain defense. That's why in this match, with lease financing fainting 3 goals, then choose User is still more reasonable.