Stoke vs LTFC

Luton Town has just won an extremely important victory when defeating Wigan to temporarily escape the heat of the red light area. Meanwhile Stoke City is continuing to sink into an unending crisis with 3 recent consecutive failures and the penultimate position on the rankings. The situation has become very bad for the Stoke on Trent team at the moment, so 3 points before a crisis Luton Town is also a mandatory task for Stoke City at the moment.

Stoke City are in crisis and they are in danger of having to play in League One next season. If counting before the 21st round, O'Neill's army won only 4 matches, drew 2 and received 14 losses, which is the largest number of losses in the tournament so far, standing at the penultimate position on charts. Obviously, with the aforementioned performance, the fans can hardly trust their confidence in Stoke City tonight, despite playing at home. It should also be noted, the Stoke on Trent Stadium team has just lost three consecutive matches recently at the English First Playground. But fortunately for Stoke City, their opponent is not much better, not to mention 5 times encountering Luton Town, the homeowners are unbeaten and get 2 triumphal songs. Obviously, it is a place of faith for Stoke City to revive the spirit in this difficult situation.

Over 19 matches played in the English First Division, Luton Town is showing a very poor performance when it only won 17 points after 19 rounds and temporarily ranked 21st in the rankings now. In recent times, Luton Town's performance is not really satisfactory, when they won 1 victory and lost 4 matches after the last 5 appearances. Obviously for a team with quite good ability like them, this is a very disappointing result. Moreover, in the last 5 rounds when away from home, Luton Town has never won, so it is difficult for the visitors to have a good result against Stoke City when they have nothing to lose at this time.