Sheffield Wednesday has just won a very important victory against Charlton with a score of 3-1, thereby ending the series of 5 rounds only known to draw and lose before. On the other side, Brentford just had an unbelievable victory over Luton by crushing the opponent to 7 goals. Even so, with a rather poor trip to Hillsborough, Brentford is unlikely to have a beautiful outcome to leave.

As one of the contenders for the promotion of the Play-Off tickets, Sheffield Wednesday has not shown the stability needed to compete fairly with other competitors. Specifically, after 19 matches, Sheffield Wednesday won 8, drew 5 and lost 6, earning 29 points and 9th place in the rankings. At this time with the difference of 2 points with the promoted Play-Off group, the opportunity for Sheffield Wednesday to break out is still very bright. However, the performance of the host is not really impressive when they only win 1 and lose to 2 in the last 5 appearances. It is worth mentioning that the last 3 times to play on the home, Sheffield Wednesday did not lose, but also brought only 3 draws. However, winning the last 2 times to welcome Brentford will help fans somewhat confident for a victory with the host.

Brentford is still extremely fierce compared to the race for the rank of Play-Off promotion, now with 30 points, they are only 1 point lower than the 6th and the opportunity for the visitors is very bright. bark. In terms of form, Brentford also has a relatively impressive performance, losing only 3 and winning 6 in the last 10 appearances. The explosive play with the attack has scored 29 goals and the defense also played very well when only conceding 14 times has more or less brought success to Brentford. However, as mentioned, visiting visitors on Sheffield Wednesday's field has never been an easy challenge when they lost 4 in the last 5 marchings. Therefore, a failure on this trip did not make the fans feel surprised.