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United vs AVFC

Man United has just failed to score 1-2 in a trip to Astana in the fifth round of the Europa League group stage a few days ago. But objectively speaking, this defeat is not a big deal because it is a match in which the Red Devils have a team of young players. Even so, the teachers and coaches Solskjaer also suffered a terrible stone storm from the fog of media. In the middle of this time, MU will return home to welcome Aston Villa in the round of 14 Premier League.

Along with Tottenham and Arsenal, Man Utd is one of the big players in serious decline this season. They have had very good playing times that prove the match against Liverpool or Chelsea with effective attack pieces, but most of the time, MU dropped the score quite unfortunately the names are rated weak. than. With erratic performance, MU has only earned 17 points and is currently ranked 9th in the table, 9 points inferior to the top 4. In the context of the above teams are playing stable, it will be both. Long way to MU can rise to a position at the top.

Colleague Unai Emery has just been sacked by Arsenal because of a poor performance record, and Solskjaer is also receiving many complaints from Man Utd fans. But Solskjaer still has a chance to keep his seat by doing well in the next match. Despite the bad form, a victory is still in the hands of MU players because they only have to face Astana Villa, one of the Premier League's newbies. Moreover, the visitors are also facing a lot of problems.

Aston Villa lost three-quarters of the last round, and they only won 1 match away from home, the rest lost 4 of 5 matches to leave Villa Park since the beginning of the tournament. Currently, Aston Villa is ranked 15th on the chart with 14 points, 4 points more than the dangerous group. This is a fairly good ranking for a newly promoted team like Aston Villa, and the fact that this team has also made a lot of impressions in this year's tournament with speedy and connected play. However, if compared to the all-star squad of MU, the away team is still very much inferior.

Aston Villa are also the Reds' favorite prey in the past. Premier League history saw Man United beat Aston Villa 11 times in the last 13 times the two teams faced. In addition, Old Trafford holy place is also considered a land of death for the Birmingham city team, they have lost in the last 7 matches as a guest here. These aspects show that the ability for the Red Devils to win at the Theater of Dreams is very high. With home advantage, determination and high play spirit and superiority compared to rivals, MU will likely not be too difficult to beat Aston Villa in the next 90 minutes. 

Statistics show that MU won the match in 3 matches at Old Trafford. It can be seen that MU is reliable at home, with a 1-to-1 football rate on the Asian exchange, the belief in the Red Devils is a feasible solution. In addition, the Man United attack has had many positive changes when scoring 6 goals in the last 2 matches in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Aston Villa have also had many goals in recent times. In addition, the defense of the two teams did not have the necessary stability, so the scenario of many goals is very easy to take place in the confrontation tonight. The door has a very high explosive ability, players consider investing to get profit.