West Brom are the team that failed unfortunate in the battle to win tickets to play in the Premier League last season.  Therefore, the home team The Hawthorns set great determination and extremely prepared in this year's football season so that no more mistakes will be made.

And everything that is happening right now is exactly what West Brom set out to do.  After 19 rounds, Mr. Bilić's teachers and students won 42 points.  This impressive figure helps them get to the top of the odds ratio, 2 points higher than the second ranked team Leeds United.

This impressive score also means that West Brom's performance at the beginning of the tournament really destroyed.  Indeed, when they are the team that has to receive the least number of losses with just 1 defeat, they also have 12 victories.

Preventing West Brom at the moment is not easy, especially for a team that is not performing as well as Swansea.  Cooper himself and his teachers were never underestimated, but this team has never shown their inherent class.

After a period of sublimation play from the beginning of the tournament to November, "Swan" suddenly played decline.  They did not win in 4 consecutive games, thereby being knocked off the top of the table.

Swansea is clearly facing a lot of problems, but the defensive problem is the most worrying.  They received up to 6 goals in the 4 matches above, the number rarely appears with a team that likes to counterattack defensive style like Mr. Cooper's teachers and students.

With the losses currently clinging to the present, Swansea is expected to face many challenges on the field of West Brom.  A painful defeat that must be received on the opponent's field is something that Mr. Cooper's teachers and students are hard to avoid.