Perhaps looking at the rankings of the two teams at this time, the fans can predict the outcome of the match, while Wigan is immersed in the group holding the red light, West Brom sits at the top of the table with a gap. Extremely safe with chasing groups. The performance of the two teams is completely opposite at the moment, so 3 points is not really a problem for the visitors in the upcoming tour.

Last season, Wigan finished only 18th in the rankings, which is seen as a warning sign for a difficult road in this season and everything is gradually becoming a reality. Because now Wigan is going through a bad time in the English First Playground. They just lost 1-2 to Luton Town in the previous round, so the last 6 rounds in the Championship, the home team could not win, but also had to receive 5 defeats. With those results, after 20 rounds from the beginning of the season, Wigan has just got 16 points, ranked 22 and is becoming one of the most potential candidates for the relegation ticket. They are one of the weakest teams in the Championship. Therefore, it is too difficult to earn 1 point against the fierce opponent like West Brom. Not to mention the last 2 meetings, the visiting team made Wigan salad. 

The form of West Brom this season is very impressive, with a squad with many quality players, they will be ready to crush any opponent in the English Premier League at this time. In the last round, they only defeated Swansea until 5-1. In the last 6 matches in the Championship, the visitors won all 6 and are showing an extremely high level. By this time, after 20 rounds, West Brom are having 45 points and leading the rankings. But they are only 2 points higher than Leeds with 2 points, so their goal in the coming time is very clear. With the current level and strength, it will not be difficult even if you are a Wigan's guest who is weak and lacking spirit.