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Bundesliga: FCB vs S04

After the turmoil at the beginning of the season, Bayern Munich is gradually proving that it is always a good candidate for this year's championship.  Their recent performance made the home fans feel great hope for the future of the team.

Indeed, the defending Bundesliga champions are asserting their strength over time.  This is evidenced by the last 4 consecutive victories, the above result helps them rise to 2nd place in the rankings and only 4 points behind Leipzig.

The season is still long ahead, if you keep focusing on the next match, the chance for them to regain their top spot is huge.  Welcome Schalke at home is considered an opportunity for Bayern Munich to win 3 points.

On the other side of the line, Schalke, despite having been sublimated since the beginning of the season, but they are showing signs of decline over time.  This is evidenced by the fact that the guests did not win in the last 2/3 matches

 That achievement made Schalke fall to 5th place on the chart with 33 points in hand.  If this situation continues, the ability for them to compete for the UEFA Champions League playground next season is very low.