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After winning against Luton, Birmingham continued to show their inferiority with a draw at home against Cardiff. It is also the erratic and familiar face of Birmingham from the beginning of the season, and the trip to the Middlesbrough stadium is very high, it will be a big challenge that Birmingham can not overcome at the moment.
After a fairly successful competitive season and close to the group playing in the promotion Play-Off, Middlesbrough is expected to continue to maintain its form and become a candidate for the ticket to return to the prestigious playground. Brother. However, what they have shown to the present time is completely disappointed to both experts and fans. After a period of sublimation, the Riverside team has returned to the ground. The last match, this team lost 0-1 to Fulham and it was the fourth consecutive match they had to receive in different arenas. With this poor performance, Middlesbrough is stuck in the middle of the table with 34 points and 17th position. Obviously if it is not possible to improve the form and get more quality additions in the squad, the team The host will most likely be caught up in the relegation race in the near future.

Birmingham are not any better, after 28 rounds they are ranked right behind their opponents in the next game with a distance of only 1 point. However, having 4 points in the last 3 matches is a positive sign for them recently. At this time, Birmingham temporarily created a safe distance with the red light group as 9 points. Of course, what Birmingham has been up to now is undesirable. Although there are 34 goals but in contrast, this blue shirt team also conceded 45 goals. Obviously, this is their major weakness and need to be overcome soon if they want to improve their rankings. However, that task is difficult to complete on this trip, because the last 5 meetings with Middlesbrough Birmingham only won 1 and received 4 defeats.