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EFL: Brentford vs NFFC

In the 29th round of the First Division of England - Championship, Brentford vs Nottingham will be the battle that is evaluated to attract the attention of the grave.  The reason is because this is a battle between the two teams that are ranked in the top position in the rankings, respectively.
First, the Brentford team, the name is playing quite well with the fifth place currently, along with 47 points after 28 rounds.  That number makes their gap with the top 3 currently only 2 points left.

Brentford in this year's season is really a team with a very stable play style, from attack to defense.  The clearer evidence is that the public has given himself 44 goals, while the defensive line has only 21 times for the opponent to pierce the net piece.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the front line, Nottingham Forest are lined up on the home team with 48 points after 28 rounds.  That means that if you win the next match, Mr. Lamouchi's teachers and students will increase the gap with Brentford in the rankings.

However, before the match against Brentford, Nottingham Forest did not have a good mental preparation.  They let Reading hold 1-1, something that should not have happened at such an important time.

It will be a balanced match between Nottingham Forest and Brentford.  Perhaps the difference is only in the psychological aspect, and Brentford is the beneficiary team with home advantage.