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EFL: Bristol C vs Barnsley

Having had a long time this season, Barnsley showed a very unstable performance.  At that time, the defeat or the result was a regular friend of Mr. Murray's army.

From the last position on the football rankings, Barnsley climbed up to the 22nd position. Although that is still not enough to help them escape the top spot in the rankings, but everything for this team is still worth to scrutinize.  hope.

It is worth mentioning, Barnsley has maintained an impressive performance for 1 month, a long time.  For a team at the bottom of the tournament, it is impossible for Mr. Murray's teachers and students to have such a good record.

The most obvious improvement of Barnsley is in the defense.  The evidence is 5 goals lost that this team has only received in the last 5 matches.

Next match, Barnsley will play against Bristol, the team whose performance is completely different from Mr. Murray's teachers and students.

Bristol is gradually losing the advantage in the fight to the top.  They drew and lost the match, from which dropped straight to 9th place on the chart.

From the spirit to the style of play of Bristol are showing complete loss compared to Barnsley.  That makes them face the risk of suffering painful defeat in the next match.