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EFL: Cardiff vs WBA

Cardiff are going through a really unconvincing football season this season.  From the beginning of the season to the present, this team has only got 39 points after 28 rounds and accepted to rank only 13th in the Championship rankings.

This is clearly a number that cannot satisfy Cardiff fans, at the beginning of the season, their goal is to upgrade instead of accepting the position in the second half of the rankings.  The one who must accept the biggest responsibility for the aforementioned failure is certainly coach Harris, when he was unable to give the team an effective play.

Next match, the challenge will come to Cardiff when they have to face West Brom, the name is far more superior.  The level of disparity is clearly shown in the rankings of the two teams in the table, when West Brom is now at the top of the table, 13 places higher than Cardiff.

West Brom himself did not have a really good performance.  They did not win in 5 consecutive rounds, and that made Bilić's teachers and students close to the top of the table.  Therefore, they definitely want to win to solve this situation.

Cardiff is a relatively good prey for West Brom to do that, when in the last 4 confrontations, the victory was 2 times belongs to West Brom.

With determination to win, superior class, it will not be difficult for the guests to earn 3 points in the next match.