At Old Trafford, Man United is in a precarious form, he will have a great battle with rival Man City is also unstable in the semi-final first leg full of attractive. The Manchester derby promises to be still very attractive when both teams are determined to have tickets to the finals in the season that they soon let go of the Premier League race. Whether Man City will successfully claim a debt loss early last month or Red Blood will find the winning circuit before an opponent in Big Six.

Being sublime with 2 consecutive rounds of winning in the Premier League, Man United was blocked with a defeat against the Red Emperor who still could not find the joy of continuing to not win, this time they were held by the host Wolves. 0-0 in the FA Cup third round match, the teachers and coach of Solsa did not even hit the target once despite launching 12 shelling. While playing time is dense, they continue to make it difficult for themselves to have to add another match. The home ground is helping them be confident when they won 4 times in the last 5 games, they were unbeaten, the last 5 times to welcome Man City at Old Trafford, they are also unbeaten even though they won twice. They are not too salty team but in the League Cup arena with 4 times of coronation, including the last 2 consecutive times in 2009 and 2010. 

Man City are the champions of the tournament and they have won the throne 4 times, last season they won dramatic Chelsea with a score of 4-3 on penalties thanks to the excellent goalkeeper Bravo, to be present in the semifinals this season. they easily beat Southampton with Oxford United both with a score of 3-1. Coach Pep Guardiola and his teachers were also in good spirits when they won jubilantly 4-1 in the FA Cup before the weak port Vale, they also nourished the success of many pillars. Remember their ability to retain the Premier League title is almost no longer when Liverpool have dropped 14 points, so this is their most capable title.