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EFL: Derby vs HCAFC

Derby County is working hard to improve its performance after a series of difficult days.  They displayed a molting performance from attack to defense.

Derby County's progress is evidenced by the team's head-to-head record over the years.  They were unbeaten in the last 5 matches, and that number helped Cocu's teachers and students climb to 17th place in the Odds chart.

Derby County's performance in the past time has brought a lot of hope, especially in the match to face Hull City.  However, this opponent is not easy to be subdued.

Hull City itself is in the same shape as Derby County.  Even this team also plays well in matches to be a guest.  The evidence is the series of 4 consecutive unbeaten matches of Mr. McCann's teachers and students recently.

Before that, Hull City also made it difficult for big teams right away.  The match they defeated Fulham or drew Middlesbrough in November 2019 is the best example.

With what is in hand, it is clear that Hull will be a small challenge for Derby County.  One point is enough for the guests to win, and that is entirely within the ability of Mr. McCann's teachers and students.