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EFL: Forest vs Luton

Nottingham is one of the extremely competitive teams for a top spot in the Championship table.  At this time, after 26 rounds of competition, Mr. Lamouchi's teachers and students have got 44 points to occupy the 5th position, only losing the top three to 4 points.

It can be said that this is not a large number.  Nottingham can flatten that number in a short time, as long as it maintains its focus as it does.

Nottingham's unbeaten run has maintained throughout the past 4 matches.  In particular, Mr. Lamouchi's teachers and students won 3 victories.

Next match, The City Ground team only has to face a small Luton.  This is the name that won the promotion last season, and of course that means that the level of this team is much worse than Nottingham.

For a rookie team, it was not surprising that they had difficulty in the first season.  And rightly so, after 27 matches, Mr. Jones's teachers and students only gained 21 points, thus accepting the table.

Luton himself is currently the team with the most defeat.  It rose to 18, while their victory was much worse, only at 6.

Looking at the aforementioned numbers, it's not hard to see how things are going against Luton.  And without any points to rely on, it would be risky to choose a match in the next match which belongs to Nottingham.