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EFL: HTAFC vs Brentford

Huddersfield's sublimation phase is showing signs of slowing down continuously in recent rounds.  The match between Mr. Cowley and his teachers made the opponents face many difficulties no longer available, instead the unimpressive results gradually appear. 

The climax of Huddersfield's disappointment came from a 1-2 defeat against Barnsley in the last match.  It was also the 4th defeat in 5 recent matches of the Cowley army.

In the aforementioned matches, Huddersfield defended very badly.  The evidence is that Cowley's teachers and students have conceded 11 times.  This is an alarming number of this team before welcoming Brentford in the upcoming match.

For Brentford, this team is in a completely opposite situation compared to Huddersfield.  Mr. Frank's teachers and students are currently ranked at the top of the rankings with the 3rd position, standing on Huddersfield to 17 places.

And of course, to get that rank, Brentford's performance must also have a difference.  In the past 8 matches, Frank's army only had 1 defeat.  Left, this team won 6 wins and 1 draw result.

Brentford's opponents in the above series are highly rated, typically Fulham, West Brom or Swansea.  However, this team still stubbornly overcame them all.

Brentford's strength is clearly outperforming Huddersfield.  Therefore, having to play away in the next match cannot prevent Brentford from winning.