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EFL: Hull vs HTAFC

Last season, Hull City showed a very frail face.  They are unable to find stability in the game, and there are many times facing tough relegation battles.

However, this season, things have become completely different.  Hull City played stripped down, and even at times it was still in the top of the table.  But they could not maintain that for a long time due to the period facing the extremely dense schedule.

However, there is no denying the progress of Hull City.  From defense to attack of the Tigers all showed the necessary efficiency.  So they just won 40 points after 28 rounds.

Next match, Hull will face Huddersfield.  The name is in crisis after relegation last season, and there is not even any sign of stopping.

Huddersfield is also ranked at the bottom of the list with only 5 points behind the dangerous group.  This number is not too large, and just a few failures will cause Cowley's army in trouble.

Looking at what is said above, it is not surprising that Hull is being evaluated more superior than Huddersfield.  That is also the basis for the home team to believe in 1 victory in the upcoming match.