The race for the ticket to the promotion play-off round in the Championship is going on very dramatic.  The distance between the teams is very small, so even a single slip will now make them pay dearly.

Millwall this year is in good shape.  Most clearly, they have had 4 unbeaten matches in a row with 2 wins and 2 draws.  The above results help this team maintain the 8th position on the odds table and only 1 point away from the play-off team.

 If they continue to play like the current situation, the chance for them to advance in the rankings is great.  In the next round, Millwall will face Reading at home.  Most likely they will win 3 points against this opponent.

On the other side of the front line, after the start of the season was not so smooth, Reading is showing his boom during the past time.  Specifically, this team has won the last 4/6 matches, thereby ranked at 14th position on the table with 36 points.

However, experts do not appreciate them in this match because Reading often does not play well on Millwall.  This is reinforced by the last 6 encounters, they only enjoyed the joy of winning exactly 2 times.