EFL: Preston vs CAFC

After dreamy starts in the opening matches of the new season, Charlton is showing a face so frail that his disaster has been all this time.  This makes their fans worry about the future of the team.

Indeed, Charlton's performance is very disastrous this season.  The fact that this team only won 1 win, drew 3 and lost to 2 in the last 6 matches is a proof of this poor performance.

The above results make the guests fall to 19th place on the chart and are in danger of falling into the red light group.  Based on the current situation, they will most likely have another defeat against Preston.

On the other side of the front line, Preston is having a relatively good season.  Currently, they are ranked 10th in the rankings with 40 points and closely follow the competitors for the ticket to play-off kick.

In the next round, they will have the opportunity to break through when they only welcome Charlton at home.  With outstanding performance and strength, it is likely that this will be an easy victory for Preston.