Over the years, all QPR has done has been overwhelming disappointment.  They could not find tickets to the English Premier League, there was even a time when Mr. Warburton's army still faced a tough battle of relegation.

And as a matter of course, that continues to be reflected in this year's football season.  Now after 27 rounds, all this team shows is only 35 points won.

That unimpressive performance by QPR has been evident throughout the season so far.  The Warburton army seldom enjoyed the joy of victory, but instead mostly painful failures.

Next match, difficulties will come to QPR when they will face a small challenge named Leeds United.  This is the team in the past often causes many difficulties to QPR.  The evidence is that in the last 6 matches, the victory has been called 4 times Leeds.

The performance of Leeds has not been good, but it is not too important.  Even that is the motivation for them to towards a good result in the upcoming match.

Leeds have enough level, experience and determination to be able to dominate the game before QPR.  Having to play away is not enough to prevent Mr. Bielsa's teachers and students from seeking a victory.