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EFL: Swans vs WAFC

In the context that the top 6 competitors are starting to decline, the ticket for the next season's play-off promotion has come very close to Swansea.  Therefore, welcoming Wigan is considered an opportunity for them to overcome the above teams.

Swansea's performance this season is relatively stable.  The most evident proof is that this team is unbeaten in 5/6 of their last appearances.  The above results help them to rank 7th in the odds ratio table with the same 42 points compared to the top 6.

In the next round, "swans" will have the opportunity to accelerate when only welcoming Wigan at home.  Remember, in the last 6 encounters, they won 4 matches and drew only 2 before the guests.

On the other side of the front line, Wigan is showing a very poor performance in this season.  Their performance made the fans bored and lost their confidence about the relegation ability of this team.

Specifically, the guests have only won 5 victories, 8 draws and lost 14 times in 27 rounds since the beginning of the season.  Given the current situation, it is clear that marching to Swansea's home ground is now considered the next defeat they have suffered.