The race to qualify for the promotion play-off at the Championship is going on very dramatic and fierce.  The top 10 teams all have a very small gap, so just a single slip at this time will make them pay the price.

It was Sheffield Wednesday who had to suffer the consequences of superficial play in the past.  3 consecutive defeats made them fall to the 6th position in the football ratio rankings, fortunately this team was soon shocked and won a convincing victory against Leeds.

This is considered a spiritual push for the Sheffield Wednesday players, as well as an affirmation of their ambition this season.  In the excitement, welcoming Blackburn in the next round is expected to be another victory that Sheffield Wednesday has.

On the other side of the front line, Blackburn still shows his weakness in this season.  By not winning any of the last 5 consecutive appearances, this team is deep in crisis.

The above poor results have pushed them to number 13 on the chart.  If not soon shocked the spirit in the next round, it is likely that Blackburn will have to leave empty-handed in the field of Sheffield Wednesday.