The epic round of the 26th round will take place at home to The Hawthorn of West Brom and Leeds United. Both of the top two teams are in precarious form and have the same 51 points, a victory that will help them cut the tail directly and increase the gap with the group chasing the promotion directly to the Premier League. Whether the Sparrow will find the winning circuit after 3 consecutive rounds to claim the debt success in the first leg or Leeds for the third consecutive opponent to hate.

After two consecutive rounds against Brentford with Barnsley with the score 1-1, West Brom continued to level off with a 0-2 defeat at home to welcome Middlesbrough who was submerged in the bottom half of BX, the whole match The ball was overwhelming with a duration of up to 60% and 11 shots but the number of hits of West Brom was less than double of the opponent only 5 times and were harmless. The 2nd defeat this season and won 2 times in the last 6 rounds made West Brom lose the first place to Leeds' own hands with the same 51 points, although having the title of the strongest attack in the tournament with 47 shots but the defense they played quite badly, conceding the second most in the top 6 teams with 27 times. Matt Philipps is their conductor with 7 goals and 4 assists are showing signs of slowing down while newcomer Charlie Austin from Southampton in the Premier League is in a good shape at the age of hash.

Leeds beat West Brom both the last 2 times, but the width of 6 times they fought they lost to the Sparrow to 4 times away from home, but Leeds were very brave when away from home recently with 4 victories in 5 matches. Coach and coach Marcelo Bielsa has just won their 15th victory this season to retake the top spot when they defeated homeowners Birmingham with a dramatic score of 5-4, they only have 3 lucky points with a decisive goal in the last minute of injury time. . It is the match that the Leeds defense conceded the most from the beginning of the season, they have conceded only 20 times this season, their biggest fulcrum.