At home, newly-promoted rookie Aston Villa is showing signs of prosperity in the bottom group of the table, which will welcome live-class competitor Watford, who is flourishing at the earliest match. Watching the Deer continue to be excited to unbeaten the 7th round in a row under coach Nigel Pearson to increase the gap with Aston Villa. Or Aston will find the winning circuit after 2 rounds to claim a successful debt of 0-2 in the first leg.

Aston Villa are very shy against Watford with 3 defeats in the last 4 matches, including a shattered defeat of 0-3 in the first leg 1 month ago. After the victory over host Burnley at the beginning of the new year 2020, they have plummeted without braking with the recent 4-match circuit without knowing the smell of victory. They were eliminated in the FA Cup arena in the third round because of the weakness in the First Division in England, Fulham, with the two most recent rounds not winning in the Premier League. Recently a 1-1 draw on Brighton's field, they even took the lead in the first half before a goal equalized by midfielder Jack Grealish in the 75th minute after preparing the newcomer's deck. from Man City is Douglas Luiz. This is the fourth time they have to split points this season and are still stuck in the red light group, separated from the safe position of Watford itself is only a fragile point.

No one realizes that the Watford team has almost finished the first round and has to kill the minister twice, but at the hands of coach Nigel Pearson, they have been strongly transformed with the recent 6-round circuit is unbeaten, even won 4 times, although alternating between a dramatic 3-3 draw with a sub-category 3 England is Transmere Rovers in the third round of the FA Cup, so it takes more replay. The latest they excelled at holding the London representative of Tottenham, even this was an unlucky result for them to play overwhelmingly throughout the match and there was also a penalty at the end of the match, unfortunately striker Troy Deeney again. Broken shot.