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EPL: BUR vs Villa

Newly promoted rookie Aston Villa is slipping without braking, he will march to the guests at Burnley's holy place Turf Moor, which is also precarious at the earliest match in the 21st round. all lost to rise to the top half of the chart. Or Aston Villa will cut a series of 4 consecutive games without winning Burnley to escape the relegation quagmire as well as relieve the pressure of Coach Dean Smith.

The home ground did not help Burnley too confident with only 3 wins in the last 6 matches, but in return they did not lose to Aston Villa in the last 4 matches, including a dramatic 2-2 draw in the first leg away. In the last 2 rounds, they all lost to two reviving teams, Everton and Man United, not scoring any goals. Coach Sean Dyche and his teachers still have not been able to climb to the top of the table with 24 points, they are still quite safe with 6 points more than the relegation group. Attack with close-range Chris Wood - Ashley Barnes has scored 14 goals this season is showing signs of slowing down recently.

After a tough 1-0 win at rookie Norwich at home, Aston Villa lost to live-class competitor Watford, who is right behind with a score of 0-3 away, even they were even more players from the 57th minute after being 0-1, not only did not score the equalizer, they also conceded 2 more times, 11 shots twice as bad as their opponent only. 2 times the target was few and harmless. This has been their 12th defeat this season so teachers and teachers Dean Smith are still stuck in the red light group with a slight difference from the safe area. Their defense is conceding many second prizes with 36 times, while the attack plays quite well when shooting the top 10 teams at the bottom of the table, Jack Grealish is alone carrying the top line with 5 goals and 5 assists, A key pillar in the midfield is that John McGinn is much sought after by the big boys who are recovering. Away from home is making Aston Villa very nervous as they haven't won in the last 6 matches away from home, even losing 5 times.