At the Etihad home field, defending champions Man City will be in a precarious form and will face the tough challenge of Everton reviving strongly in the round 21 match. consecutive victories to close the group to the European Cup. Or Man City will show the strength of the monarch to make opponents embrace the fifth match in a row to hold on to the hope of chasing The Kop.

In the first leg, Man City won easily Everton 3-1 at away field, but the situation is no longer simple for The Citizens, they are very precarious with many injuries that devastate the team and extreme pressure. big from the top of the Liverpool table is still so uplifting. The gap is increasingly widened to 14 points where Manchester City still plays more than The Kop 1 game, teachers and coach Pep Guardiola have just poured their anger on the newly promoted dark horse, Sheffield United, with a hard 2-0 victory at home court. Sergio Aguero marked the day after injury with an opening goal while Kevin Bruyne was still exploding with an assist and the end of the match.

Old coach Carlo Ancelotti continued to show his coolness in the Premier League arena in this comeback as he helped Everton revive impressively with 2 consecutive first victories against 2 annoying rivals Burnley and Newcastle United. with minimal separation. In the previous round, they shot shots at home away with a goal of Calvert-Lewin's goal in 13 and 64 minutes, the English striker had 8 goals this season and rose to be the number one tree of the team. , reward worthy young shoots of Everton after many days hiding the rookies through the season like Cenk Tosun or Moise Kean. The 7th win of this season and the 5th round in a row unbeaten helped Everton advance to the top of the table with 25 points and the gap with the European Cup team is only 5 points, with a team of rich depth and depth. Ancelotti's talent, Everton will be a formidable challenger in this return phase. The away field is making Everton anxious when they won twice in the last 7 away games with the defeat to Man City with the last 4 consecutive matches all failed.