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Norwich City is gradually drifting away from the target of relegation when the distance with the safety team has reached 8 points. And the opponent for Norwich will be Bournemouth, who is a direct opponent above them. It will be a confrontation between the two teams at the bottom of the table promising to be very attractive and stressful because 3 points at this time will have an extremely important meaning, maybe if Norwich does not win, they will be difficult. can stay in the tournament.

Norwich City are at the bottom of the table with only 3 wins since the start of the season and have received 14 defeats. Now the fans of Norwich City are really worried when the time to stay with the highest arena in England is nearly exhausted if Norwich City cannot play well. Last round after two positive matches with Norwich City when there were two draws against Crystal Palace and Tottenham, Norwich City lost to Manchester United with a 4-0 score. Norwich City have a lot of bad things when the attack is the worst and the defense is the same with 45 goals. Playing at home in a match that must win against Bournemouth, Norwich players must play their most determined to win the last chance.

Unlike Norwich City, Bournemouth is ranked at the bottom of the table, but there are still many opportunities when only two points behind the safety group and up to 6 points higher than Norwich City. However, this season is also considered to be very bad for Bournemouth when it no longer has the enthusiasm and strong play as the past seasons. Bournemouth had lost the previous match is also important when Watford defeated three goals not to be removed at home and it was their 5th consecutive match without knowing their win and the whole season until now Bournemouth only just got 5 victories. Another important match of Bournemouth so if losing points continues, everything will become very stressful for the visitors now.

The more Norwich City plays, the more deadlock is when the lines on the ball or the defensive ability are very embarrassing. The direction of coach Daniel Farke no longer seemed to provide a common voice when the players were playing below expectations. Norwich City is still looking for a clear strategy to shape a specific direction when it is clear that this way of kicking is too difficult for Norwich City to create a good match against all opponents. Norwich's defensive front also did not show peace of mind when the game was too focused. Everything with coach Daniel Farke is very upside down and lacks the main focus of leadership. The pressure is on the feet of the players, so they really don't play hard and are afraid of making mistakes. Norwich have to play in the mood every game will be like the final and must play like nothing to lose.