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Chelsea are in an extremely fierce competition for the ticket to the Champions League arena next season with Manchester United and Tottenham. Therefore, the Blues desperately need a victory to firmly consolidate their 4th place in the rankings, having to play Newcastle in the next round will be an opportunity for Chelsea to realize that wish.

After struggling in the final rounds of 2019, Frank Lampard seems to have found a formula to bring Chelsea to the right track in the battle for the top 4 Premier League this season. Specifically, Chelsea have won 5 unbeaten matches after their last 6 matches in all competitions in which this team got 4 victories. Most recently The Blue also had a victory which was considered quite easy against Burnley players in the 22nd round of the Premier League with a score of 3-0. This victory helped The firmly consolidate his 4th position in the rankings. In addition, having to march to the Newcastle players' home ground in the next match does not cause the Blues fans to worry as they have 9 wins after the last 13 matches when they have to play away from home. .

Newcastle really is in a serious crisis situation in the recent period when the last 4 rounds, "Chò Chòe", have not been able to win a victory but are sad, they have to receive 3 defeats. Recently in a trip to Wolves, coach Steve Bruce's army had a hard point in a match that they had to strain to resist the threats of the host's goal. This draw brought Newcastle down to 13th place on the table with 26 points and only 6 points away from the group. The home field will give Newcastle players an advantage in the next match when St 'James Park has 9 unbeaten matches after the last 11 matches in all competitions this team participates in.

Steve Bruce is building a rather ugly Newcastle game this season as they are an active defensive team with a large number of players in the defense. This is no longer too strange in the training style of the British strategist. However, this style of play has really been a problem for some time because the direct consequence is that Chò Chò is lacking in the idea of ​​their ball deployment because of the relatively thin force in the upline. So this season with only 22 goals has made Newcastle become one of the teams with the worst attack in the Premier League at this time. However, there are still bright spots that Newcastle can look forward to in the upcoming match which is Almiron's excellent performance in recent years and promises him to be the key to a beneficial result. for Newcastle in the next match.