At home White Hart Lane, Tottenham is in crisis in all respects will have an extremely difficult challenge named the top team Liverpool is still maintaining sublimation in all arenas at the focus game in the 22nd round. Surprise to help Premier League less bored with the dominance of Liverpool as well as rediscover winning circuits after 2 rounds. But The Kop is proving too strong in the country and they are likely to sow the Rooster for the 5th consecutive loss.

There are too many worries now for Tottenham when they are devastated by the traumatic storm, the captain of captain Hugo Lloris and versatile defender Ben Davies on long-term leave are also receiving news of the main striker Harry Kane. outside for 6 weeks plus the suspension of the Son Heung Min fuse. Coach Mourinho tried to trust the new rookie from Real Betis Lo Celso, but he received a bitter fruit with the recent 3-match circuit that did not know how to win even before the opponents shown below, 2 matches in the Premier League. They are still 4 to 6 points behind Middlesbrough's 1-1 draw on the field, which is in the First Division in the FA Cup third round, if Spurs are included, they will concede the last 5 matches.

Liverpool are having the first days of the new year 2020 passing smoothly when they win no gap against Sheffield United in the Premier League and rivals Everton in the third round of the FA Cup despite launching many stars, the common point is The Kop kept clean sheets before nasty opponents and all reached the goal of the triumphal track. Liverpool are far behind Leicester chasing after a distance of up to 13 points with a match not yet, the historic championship is considered to be within their reach with destruction style as now, in the first leg they won. Spurs 2-1 and is the fourth consecutive victory against the representative of North London. Do not forget coach Jurgen Klopp has always been the god of Mourinho throughout from the time he led Real Madrid or the English Premier League in charge of Man United. The Liverpool defense is still too solid with only 14 goals conceded.