Along with Sheffield Utd, Wolves are a phenomenon in the Premier League 2019. If the rookie team ranks 8th with 29 points, then the "Wolf" is ranked 7th with 1 point more.  Remember, despite just winning 2 matches in a row, MU only has 1 point more than Wolves.  If compared to the big man, who is in the danger of missing Arsenal, the difference between the two teams is up to 6 points.

However, after a soaring flight, Wolves are showing signs of leveling off, or in other words returning to the surface.  In the last 5 rounds, the collective under coach Nuno EspĂ­rito Santo only 2 times triumphal song, the rest drew 1, lost 2. In the 20th round taking place last weekend, despite the strength of the resistance, but Wolves still fell into the scene.  empty-handed against Liverpool is not the strongest because of an injury storm.

In that context, subduing Watford is no easy task for Wolves.  It is true that Watford is stuck in the red light group, but their recent performance is very impressive.  In just over 1 week, teachers and students Nigel Pearson defeated United and Aston Villa respectively.  Alternately, the Vicarage Road team held the home draw Sheffield Utd 1-1.

Judging by the truss record, Watford made a stronger impression with a series of 4 straight victories, 3 of which played the lower door.  In the past, Watford was twice given a quarter goal by Wolves and all of them succeeded in crossing the fence, with 1, 1, 1 draw. Therefore, the advice for investors is to put their faith in the home side.