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Under the guidance of coach Mourinho, Tottenham is gradually regaining its form. Of course, they have not been able to return to their peak period like in previous seasons but that was enough for fans to be assured of the direction of the team next time. However, the defeat at Southampton in the last round partly caused Mourinho to have headaches with his calculations. Therefore, meeting Middlesbrough in the FA Cup will be an opportunity for the Rooster to recover.

Middlesbrough are currently 16th in the English league table, after 26 matches, they have 8 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses. The Riverside Stadium team is showing a strong revival signal after 4 consecutive victories, this is also a great premise for teachers and teachers Jonathan Woodgate to look forward to the FA Cup reception this time. However, it is undeniable that Middlesbrough is having a relatively disappointing season when it is impossible to appear in the promotion group. Not to mention, their level compared to Tottenham is a real heaven and it is really difficult for Middlesbrough to escape from their home. Because history also shows that Middlesbrough lost the last 3 encounters with Tottenham and the homeowner also only won the Cock 1/10 of the recent confrontation.

Tottenham did not get off to a smooth start in the new year when they lost 1-0 to Southampton. Dany Ings' only goal on the home side led Spurs to their third defeat in the Premier League under Mourinho. With that result, currently, the London Rooster is still 6th in the Premier League with 30 points and the gap between them and the top 6 of the tournament is 6 points. The next time will be more severe with Mourinho's teachers and teachers when Tottenham will have to share their power to 3 different arenas: Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. Therefore it is likely that Tottenham will store some pillars on this trip, although with the quality of staff is superior to the opponent, the door to continue is still very bright with Tottenham.