Last season, Brentford was only considered a tiny team in the English first division football tournament, Championship.  There was even a time when Frank's teachers and students fell into the relegation battle.

But things have changed dramatically this season.  Brentford no longer shows a frail stone style, but instead is an exciting new breeze from quality rookies.  This can be considered as a spectacular makeover of Mr. Frank's teachers and students.

The evidence is more evident than in the rank of football ratio that Brentford owns.  With 40 points won after 25 rounds, they are ranked 4th.

This is clearly a dream for Mr. Frank's teachers and students, but it is worthy of their investments and efforts from the beginning of the season.

Next match, Brentford will face Stoke in the FA Cup.  This will continue to be a good opportunity for them to look for more victories.

Considering the position of the two teams at the moment, it is not difficult to see Brentford being more dominant.  They are ranked 4th in the Championship, while Stoke is asymptotic in the danger zone area.

And of course, the performance of Stoke also proved to be much weaker than Brentford.  The number of victories teachers and students O’Neill created in the last 8 matches only stopped at 2, the rest are mostly failures.

The rankings are worse, besides the decline in form, obviously too many disadvantages are sticking to Stoke.  There will be no basis to believe the triumph in the next match belongs to Stoke.