The FA Cup third round saw an unequal battle between Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday.  While Brighton has been performing extremely stubbornly in recent times, Sheffield Wednesday proved completely deadlocked.

The first will go to details on Brighton's current situation.  If you look at the performance, you can see that the American Express Community team does not show a really stable performance.  According to statistics, in the last 5 matches, Mr. Potter and his teachers won only 1 victory, the remaining 2 defeats and 2 draw results.

However, Brighton's play style is completely different from that result.  They defended closely, besides there are many quality counter-attacking balls.  That's why Chelsea or Tottenham, the strong teams in England also have to sweat when facing Brighton.

Sheffield Wednesday will be the next name to taste suffering before Brighton in the upcoming match.  In terms of position, of course Sheffield Wednesday lost in many aspects compared to Brighton.  The reason is because Mr. Monk's teachers are playing in the first division, the league is only ranked second in England.

Besides, Sheffield Wednesday's performance has also decreased significantly in the past.  Statistics in the last 3 matches, all this team does is fail.

Sheffield Wednesday is clearly losing a lot to Brighton.  It will be difficult for Mr. Monk's teachers and students to search for surprises on Brighton's yard.

Playing at home, Brighton will continue to show an uncomfortable counter-defense play.  That makes the search for the opponent's net of Sheffield Wednesday difficult.

From the reasons mentioned above, it will be difficult to expect the next match between these two teams to appear many goals.