Burnley in the Premier League can be considered a small team and easy to beat but when going to the FA arena in such early rounds, Burnley is really strong.  They will not face many difficulties to overcome the relatively unknown name Peterborough.

It is true that in the Premier League, Burnley is in poor shape when it has just lost 3 matches in a row.  However, those are quite big names like Man United, Everton.  Before that, Burnley had also had 2 victories against Newcastle and Bournemouth so it has not dropped too deeply.

Specifically, after 21 rounds in the Premier League, Burnley won 7 victories, 3 draws and received 11 defeats.  That achievement helped them settle in the 15th position with a relatively distance compared to the group holding the red light.  So if you continue to play like last time, Burnley will not be too headache with the ability to relegate.

If Burnley's past record is bad, Peterborough is much worse when he only won 1/6 of the last match and lost to 3. Meanwhile, the gap in level of these two tournaments is too much.  So Burnley is still stronger than his opponent really too much.

Burnley have the ability to win with a difference of over 1 goal.  It may seem difficult, but with a great distance and the home field, Burnley can do it easily.  Even in 2012 when the two teams played in the Championship, Burnley had won 5-2.