Cardiff just experienced a big shock when they had to lose to QPR with a score of 1-6 in the English first division football tournament.  This is also the biggest defeat of Mr. Harris's teachers and students since the beginning of this season.

However, that defeat could not evaluate Cardiff's true form.  In fact, the Cardiff City team has been quite stable in the past.  The evidence is that the above failure is only the second defeat of Mr. Harris's teachers in the past 10 matches.  Meanwhile, the number of victories is also up to 4.

The fighting power of Cardiff is clearly still impressive.  They remain completely mentally and professionally able to think of a good outcome in the upcoming match.

Cardiff's opponent is only Carlisle, one of the teams currently fighting in the English fourth division.  This proves Carlisle's level is much worse than Cardiff.

Besides, Carlisle's performance also proved to be very losing.  Statistics in the last 5 matches, Mr. Beech teachers and students have only 1 victory.  Besides, they also have to accept up to 8 goals.

Looking at the aforementioned figures, it is not surprising that Carlisle is currently completely inferior to Cardiff.  That loss is also the basis for the trust that the match in the next match belongs to Cardiff.