In the third round of the 2019-2020 FA Cup, Fulham vs Aston Villa are showing two completely opposite faces.  If Scott Parker's army is flying high on the Championship table and completely comfortable for this match, the other side of Aston Villa is struggling to fight for a relegation to stay in the Premier League.

With only 1 point more than the relegation group and the next round they have to clash with defending champion Man City and their joining the relegation group is very high.  So it is impossible for the guests to concentrate on this match.  That's not to mention the trauma problem of the pillars, such as striker Wesley and the other 4 pillars.

It is objective factors and the key point is that Fulham is really difficult to play for Aston Villa in the third round of this FA Cup, although they are playing in the first division but 1 year ago, Fulham also rolled in the match.  Preimer League school.  In terms of ability, the two teams did not have a clear difference.

According to statistics, the last 10 matches Fulham have been unbeaten in 8 matches including 7 games, the homeowners have shown more muscle.  Moreover, the current situation with the 5th position in the first division, Fulham is completely comfortable for this match.  This is also the factor that experts appreciate in Fulham.

With the competition in the lower division, Fulham only accepts Aston Villa visitors with the rate of 1/4, there is not much difference but at Fulham, there are many more advantages to decide the match.  Psychological comfort, dominance over the previous clashes and home fulcrum.  Aston Villa have not won the last 4/5 away matches with 3 defeats.

With injury many pillars forced Aston Villa to launch many reserve faces because after this game they will have a very difficult game against Man City.  With 3 new faces in the defense in the 3-4-3 scheme, it seems difficult for Aston Villa to keep a clean sheet before Fulham's fifth strong attack in the first division.  With the vital nature of the match, with a talent contract 2 3/4, it seems that the door is very bright.