Derby County is showing signs lately, after defeating Charlton to bring down the turbulent 2019 stage, they continue to resonate with the defeat of Barnsley 2-1 to start the year 2020 smoothly. However, the confrontation with a Crystal Palace is much more highly qualified, having to play away, the door of the sheep is not high. 

Crystal Palace is having a relatively impressive performance in the most prestigious playground in the foggy country, specifically after 21 matches they have given themselves 28 points and 9th place in the rankings. Even now they are just below the top 5 by a distance of 1 victory and have left the red light group to set higher goals in the next stage. Crystal Palace's form is not so impressive, but they have only lost 1 in the last 5 rounds. The home ground is also a pretty big fulcrum for Crystal Palace, because in the last 5 appearances on the home, Crystal Palace has got 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. In particular, 2 wins 1 draw of Crystal at home is the last 3 matches in a row. Not to mention, 2 times recently met, the Crystal Palace has triumph song,

Last season Derby County played extremely sublime in the First Division playground, but the failure of the Play-Off final somewhat affected the psychology of the Lambs. The proof is that Derby County is currently ranked 17th in the rankings with 33 points over 26 rounds. Being 10 points higher than the red-handed group certainly does not make them worry in the relegation battle, but to dream longer is very difficult for Derby County at this time. Anyway, there were positive traits in the away team's play when they won both of the last two rounds, but that was the story at home, and trips away from home often brought disappointment to Derby County. The statistics show that, 12 times away from the nearest home in all the arenas, the Rams did not once enjoy the joy of winning.