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FA Cup: Fleetwood vs Pompey

Fleetwood is going through a very happy playing stage in England's Third Division football tournament.  From a mid-range team, Mr. Barton's teachers and students completely changed to find an opportunity to squeeze into the top of the football ratio rankings. 

Fleetwood's makeover is most evident in the performance of this team during the past time.  Statistics in the past 10 matches, Mr. Barton teachers and students only have 1 defeat, the rest are 6 wins and 3 draws.  This is the number at the beginning of the tournament, dreaming Fleetwood players could not dream.

Although only a team in the name of mid-range, but Fleetwood preferred to select attractive attacking play.  They also show it well with 23 goals scored in the above 10 matches.  It is clearly too effective.

Next match, Fleetwood will face Portsmouth.  This team used to be a godsend for Fleetwood, but that will hardly happen in the next match.

The simple reason is because what Portsmouth shows at this time only brings disappointment to the fans.  They only won 2 victories in the last 5 matches, besides 9 goals conceded.  These figures are clearly at a complete loss compared to Fleetwood.

With the losses, the work away, it is hard to expect Portsmouth to make a surprise against Fleetwood.