The sorrowful days have passed for Watford.  They are no longer a team showing off the lifeless play, instead the unbelievable makeover.  Even this is the image of a Watford playing the best since the beginning of the season.

What is most quintessential of Watford shown in the past 4 games.  They defeated Man United in turn, then continued to draw Sheffield United.  Momentum, Mr. Pearson's teachers and students continued to have 2 more victories against Aston Villa and Wolves.

Perhaps never in this year's season, Watford could have imagined they could perform so convincingly.  Vicarage Road home team up the ball sharp, sure defense.  That is shown in 8 goals and 2 goals in their 4 matches above.

In the upcoming match, Watford will face Tranmere, the team currently playing in the English Third Division.  With this rank, of course Tranmere is showing complete loss compared to Watford.

When class cannot compare with Watford, Tranmere continues to be a team at a disadvantage when it comes to performance.  Mr. Mellon's teachers and students have been in serious decline recently with only 1 win.

The form is going down, the class is losing and having to play away, it is clear that Tranmere is completely inferior to Watford.  There is no basis for the guests to create surprises in the next match.

Before a team playing in a tournament that is 2 steps behind and having very poor defenses, Watford will have many opportunities to make a bold victory.  It is more and more base when the Watford attack always plays well when there is a home advantage.