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FA Cup: Leicester vs The Latics

Leicester is one of the "former kings" and big forces in the English Premier League, their level has been clearly demonstrated in the last few seasons. Last year, this team failed the whole season and finished with a bitter ninth place.

However, this year, Leicester set a goal for itself to compete for the championship in the Big Six. Everything is going according to them when all three lines are operating very smoothly and sticking to the top of Liverpool. After 21 rounds, this team has 45 points away from the top team Liverpool to 10 points and 2 Liverpool games have not kicked, almost certainly the championship has slipped out of Leicester hands this season. To be sure not to have nothing in this season, the army of coach Brendan Rodgers will focus on the remaining competitions, for example the FA Cup.

On the other side of the Wigan service. The visitors in the English first division are diving at the bottom of the table with bad results now after 26 rounds they only won 23 points and ranked 22/24 on the current English Premier League rankings. Wigan are having a terrible defense when conceding 39 goals in the first 26 rounds, but the weakness of the attack has made them at the bottom of the table at the moment, coming here Wigan must be a guest at Leicester home ground in the mold FA Cup size seems to be an outrageous task for teachers and coach Paul Cook at this time.

The two teams will enter quickly, the host will show their bravery, push the visitors to their side of the field and put pressure on the visitors' defense, the goal will be much in this half for the host, Resources are a safe choice.
Leicester has been holding a positive record so far this season. Calculated in the last 10 matches, the "Former King" Premier League has 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats, the odds of winning 60%. That is enough to show how good their squad is. Leicester has the uniform in every line, strong attack, strong defense. Their power becomes superior when compared to the rest of the tournament. Right now, Leicester are leading the defensive performance in the Premier League with only 19 goals. In addition, Leicester will also be able to play at home in the next match.

The form of the visitors is quite bad in recent times when the last 5 matches they have only won 1 win and 1 loss and were held to 3 matches. The major contributor to Wigan's current poor performance is his blunt attack and lack of concentration. The visitors have almost no opportunity during the trip to host Leicester, let's see what coach Paul Cook and the students will have to do to complete this impossible task.

Meeting history of the two teams in the last 4 meetings was divided equally for both teams with 1 win 2 and 1 loss, However, in recent years, "wolves" with their ambitions have invested in the squad. extremely deep and powerful enough to compete with Big Six, so the chances of the visitors in the upcoming match are almost zero.