The most different pair in the FA Cup third round is probably the battle between Man City and Port Vale.  It is even possible that the wallet of Port Vale grasshopper is facing the challenge of "kicking" the Man City aggressive vehicle.

Referring to Man City, this is one of the names possessing the most terrifying attack in England.  The evidence is shown by the 56 goals that Pep Guardiola's teachers and students scored from the beginning of the season to the present.

In front of the weaker teams, The Citizens always actively play offensive attacks on the opponent.  Just let the Manchester half of the green score the lead, the chance of overturning the opponent was greatly reduced.

Such an opponent will certainly be a huge challenge for Port Vale in the upcoming match.  Originally, Port Vale was no match for Man City when the rankings of the two teams were different to 4 levels.

Besides, Port Vale also proved weaker in the performance.  Although Askey's bidder is having a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten matches, the majority of them are only tie results.

With such situation of the two teams, it is clear that Port Vale has not kicked the ball on its own.  Meanwhile, for City, although not launching the strongest squad, they still have enough strength to make opponents.

The Man City attack will have the opportunity to show its strength in the upcoming match before the uncertain defense of Port Vale.  Therefore, it is not surprising if the home team will create a rain of goals.