FA Cup: Newcastle vs RAFC

Completely dominated the opponent and also had an early goal, but the subjectivity at the end of the match caused Newcastle to drop the victory and have to have a rematch.  It is clearly a scenario that Cheo Chou did not want, especially when their schedules were very heavy at this stage.  Therefore does not exclude the possibility that Newcastle will play preemptive opponent at this meeting to bring down the match as soon as possible.

Newcastle were unable to get Rochdale's victory and had to accept a 1-1 draw.  Although Choe had an early goal to lead with Miguel Almiron's goal, the subjectivity caused them to be equalized by Rochdale in the 79th minute. That result made Steve Bruce's army will have to  play one more match.  In the last round in the Premier League, Newcastle continued to have a 1-1 draw with Wolves, the result made them stay in position 13 with 26 points and 5 points more than the group holding the red light.  However, there is the fact that Chò Chò has gone through 5 consecutive matches without winning.  Therefore, this is also an opportunity for them to stand a poor series with a victory against Rochdale.  Since the start of the tournament, Newcastle have won only 4/12 home matches and 8/12 conceded matches.  However, it is against strong opponents and against a lower-class team like Rochdale, the story will certainly become easier.

Rochdale just had a very good momentum when he won 2-0 against Bolton in League One over the weekend.  This victory is very significant for Rochdale by helping improve their rankings on the ranking quite a lot.  Temporarily, the students of coach Brian Barry-Murphy have climbed to 18th place with 28 points after 25 rounds and are quite a safe distance from the group holding the red light.  As a Newcastle player, Rochdale is ready to make surprises.  However, in the last 5 matches, Rochdale only won 1 win, the rest lost 2 matches and drew 1 match.  With a lot of poor qualifications compared to his rivals, it is really too difficult for Rochdale to make it difficult to get shots on their home.