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Newcastle were not difficult to defeat Rochdale at the rematch, thereby getting a ticket to go to the FA Cup playground deserved. At the same time, this result also shows the great determination of "Chò em" in the most traditional playground in England. Especially when they are in a relatively secure position in the Premier League, the expectation of making history in the FA Cup is not a dreamy dream.

Newcastle had just undergone an unbelievable match, despite being led to 2 goals on Everton's field, but within the last 2 minutes of injury time, "Prick" had consecutive 2 goals from Lejeune to leave with a valuable point. The match showed Newcastle's tireless efforts, and the result also raised the unbeaten series of the Sports Direct Stadium team to 5. Before that, they had also crushed Chelsea and defeated Rochdale. 4-1 to continue in the FA Cup or draw Wolves right on the opponent's mecca. Obviously those are very commendable results in the effort to compete for the relegation ticket this season. History of confrontation between the two teams witnessed, Newcastle had a heavy defeat to 0-3 before Oxford.

One of the brightest candidates for the promotion ticket and next summer, however Oxford is showing clear signs of decline recently. Specifically, four consecutive rounds at the League One playground, Oxford did not win when it drew 2 and lost 2. At this time with 41 points, the away team was ranked 5th in the rankings and poorly ranked first. 6 points away. With the current situation, it is clear that Oxford should focus on the task of conquering the promotion ticket, rather than aiming at the FA Cup playground where they are really hard to win the title. That certainly affected the visitors' approach to the match on the trip here. And of course the lesson about the tragic failure of a team from League One is Rochdale will somewhat make Oxford falter before a "Warp" on the level.