The third round of the FA Cup saw a quite different battle between Oxford and Hartlepool.  While Oxford is flying high in the English Third Division, Hartlepool still struggles with the battle in the final group in the Fifth Division.

First, we will talk about Oxford, one of the teams that has shown remarkable progress in the past.  The clearer evidence is that they have won 39 points since the beginning of the tournament, through which Mr. Robinson's teachers and students won the second position in the football rate rankings.

With such a high level, Oxford absolutely has the right to be confident in the upcoming match in the FA Cup.  Everything supports them even more when the opponent is just a loser Hartlepool in every way.

The first loss mentioned is class.  A team in the fifth division of England clearly can't match Oxford.

Besides, the performance of Hartlepool in recent times is also not good.  The number of wins they have won in the past 7 matches is only at number 2. Naturally, when the performance is not good, Mr. Challinor's teachers and teachers will obviously be weighed down on the psychological battle.

Looking at what the two teams are performing, it's not hard to realize that Oxford is showing a lot better than Hartlepool.  There are too many grounds to believe that the winning match in the next match belongs to the home team.