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FA Cup: PNEFC vs Norwich City

Preston and Norwich will face off in the FA Cup third round.  These are two teams playing in different divisions, but the circumstances are completely overlapping.

First, it will come to Preston.  This team is not in good shape in the past time with a series of 4 consecutive games known only to draw and lose.  Those results made them drop to 10th place in the Championship table.

These unimpressive numbers greatly affect Preston's fighting spirit, especially when the fight to the top of the group was taking place very stressfully.

The opponent is no longer himself as the present will bring many opportunities for Norwich to find a good result in the next match.  In terms of class, canaries are outperforming when they are playing in the Premier League, a league higher than the Preston Championship.

In terms of performance, Norwich proved weaker than Preston.  However, that does not mean their performance on the field is so bad.  Mr. Farke's teachers still attacked relatively well and tormented the big boys of English football.  Cantwell or Pukki are still a big threat to many defenders, and Preston in the next match is no exception.

Looking at the statistics, it is not difficult to recognize the outstanding points of Norwich compared to Preston.  In particular, impressive attack power and determination to win will be the biggest basis for Norwich to think of a good result in the upcoming match right away.