QPR has just had a very successful opening game of the New Year 2020 by bringing down beautiful Cardiff to 6-1 on their home, obviously the result promises to open a new page for the owner of Loftus Road after the time. unstable playing time during the first leg of the Championship. With the excitement, it is likely that they will continue to make "Black Swan" meat to raise ambitions to advance deep in the FA Cup.

After 4 consecutive games without knowing the smell of victory with 3 losses and 1 draw, QPR returned strongly with Cardiff 6-1. That victory helped the team to light up hope on the race to win tickets to the competition with the promotion. At this time, in the Championship rankings, QPR has climbed to 15 with 35 points and 6 points behind the Play-Off group. With the belief that coming back after a 6-1 victory over Cardiff in the new year will be the motivation for this team to continue the triumph against Swansea in this year's FA Cup arena. This is entirely feasible because they won up to 5, drew 2 and lost only 2 out of 9 matches to this opponent at home.

In the opposite field, Swansea also started the new year with a minimal victory over Charlton and thereby helped them to qualify for the Play-Off group. Specifically, they rose to 6th place with 41 points after experiencing 26 rounds. In fact, Swansea also experienced a relatively difficult period in this year's football season. However, with the inherent level of Cooper's teachers and students, they are still strong enough to overcome them all. Overall stability is what Swansea outperforms rivals QPR, proving that they have only lost 1 and won 3 in the last 5 rounds. However, in a knockout match, it is impossible to say anything, not to mention the away record of the "Black Swan" is not really impressive with just winning 1/5 times away from home recently.